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Dance Europe #121 August/September 2008
Dance Europe Critics' Survey: Season 2007 – 2008
“10. New names to watch - any graduates, competitors (at Lausanne,  YAGP, Varna, etc) or young dancers (in their first year with a  company), who show exceptional promise.
Nele Suisalu (Estonia) and Florent Hamon (France) – two graduates of the Montpellier National Choreography Center making intriguing, distinctive duets.”


Teater.Muusika.Kino (EE)

Balancing between abstract movement and meaningful story
at “Augusti TantsuFestival” in Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, 21.-31.08.2008
EVELIN LAGLE wrote ...
“... The dancers and the spectators shaped together the story. The space was governed by an extremely cozy, free and merry mood. One of the strongest  magics of Ball was the tearing down of the wall between the dancer and the spectator. Everybody seemed to feel comfortable in the same way, as if it would have been a get-together of old friends who, in a good mood, discussed and joked about commonly known things.
Creating the choreography during the performance demands a lot from the dancers. It is possible to practice, to perfect a role, to develop one's skills and  to tune one's mind accordingly, but an instantaneous creation is in front of the spectator in all its pureness and sincerity. In this kind of situation the dancer is bringing into play all his/her experiences, calvaries which his/her body and mind have truly mastered and that have become a solid part of him/her. ...”
(translated by Nele Suisalu)



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